2017 season

Final Version 09/05/2017


In this the inaugural season there will be just one division.

2. MEMBERSHIP and ECF Membership

All players shall be members of their respective clubs and paid members of the ECF in the season their games are played. A breach of this rule shall entail loss of each game in which this rule is broken.


A won match shall count one point to the winning team and a drawn match half a point to each team. Within the league, teams will be placed in order: match points, highest first, then game points, highest first. For any remaining ties the results of the matches between the tied teams will be used in the same way to determine placings.


(a) No player shall play for more than one club. The first club represented in the season is assumed to be the player’s declared club.

(b) A breach of 4(a) shall involve loss of the particular game(s) involved for the offending player for the purpose of calculating points (with opponent scoring a win).

For grading purposes the game will be scored according to the result of the game.


None to be applied in the inaugural season

Grades: Grades for players will be taken from the January list for the duration of the league season (June to September)


At least five minutes before the time arranged for the start of the match, the captains of each team shall exchange team lists. The players must be arranged in descending order of playing strength starting on Board 1. While captains have some discretion in determining playing strength, a player whose grade exceeds that of another by more than 15 points (or 20 points where the lower graded player is a Junior) should be treated as the stronger.


SL matches will commence play at 7.15pm on the dot. SL matches will have a three and a half-hour playing session with digital clocks. The time limit isas follows. Each player will start with 60 minutes on the clock and accrue 30 seconds on each move.


The intention is that all games shall be finished on the night of the match. In the event of a game being unfinished, the players may take the position away and review it with the intention of agreeing a result on the basis of ‘best play’. The result of the game must be reported to the League Controller and copied to the Grading/Results officer within seven days of the match. If the captains cannot agree a result the Tournament Controller may refer the position to an independent adjudicator, the costs of the adjudication to be borne by the club losing the claim.


The colour of board one for each match will be determined once the fixture list is agreed.


After 30 minutes from the time agreed for the start of a match a team shall score a win for each player whose proper opponent is still absent, unless another player has previously been substituted.


Both clubs concerned must forward the result of the match giving names and individual results to the League Controller copied to the Grading/Results officer within 8 days of the match taking place.


Details of any disputes or protests by a club shall be sent in writing (email or post) within 7 days of the incident to the League Controller who will make a ruling on the matter. A ruling made by the League Controller may be appealed to a panel which will normally consist of other members of the League Committee together with any additional individuals the Committee may wish to co-opt to hear the appeal.


Any proposed alteration or addition to these rules shall be sent to the League Secretary at least 21 days before a General Meeting and shall require a simple majority to be passed at this General Meeting.

If any team defaults more than half its matches during a season, all that team's matches shall be cancelled from that competition.

The League Committee shall have the power to decide upon any issue not covered by the above rules.


All games will be played using the Laws of Chess as recognised by the ECF except where modified in the rules.

(a) Mobile phones

Mobile phones may be brought into the playing area but must be switched off or in silent mode in the playing area. Any such device may be used or answered only outside the playing area. If any such device is used or produces any sound in the playing area during play then the player with the phone should, in the first instance, be warned. A second offence will result in the loss of the game. These rules may be relaxed where there is prior agreement between match captains.

(b) Disputes arising during play

In the event of a dispute the captains will resolve the matter there and then. If the captains are playing in the match their clocks will be stopped until the matter is resolved. All matches will be played to the FIDE Laws of Chess.

The FIDE Laws of Chess

A written version of the rules of chess will be available on the night. Please note the following in particular.

Writing down moves:

A player must write down all moves including moves played in the last 5 minutes. If a player fails to write down his/her moves after repeated warnings he/she will forfeit the game.

Penalties for illegal moves:

For the first instance of an illegal move, two minutes shall be added to the clock of the opponent and the illegal move shall be replaced with a legal move. If a player makes a second illegal move in a game they shall be deemed to have lost the game unless the opponent is unable to checkmate by a legal series of moves, in which case the result is a draw. See article 7.5 of the FIDE Laws of Chess for further information.

Claiming draws:

A player with less than two minutes remaining on his or her clock may make a draw claim if he or she believes their opponent either cannot win by normal means or has been making no effort to win my normal means. See Guideline 111.6 of the FIDE Laws of Chess for full details. If agreement is not reached between the two match captains the matter should be referred to the League Controller as in 12(b).