Danger, danger! High voltage: Meet the Battersea Volts

We are the Battersea Volts.

And we shall meet no resistance.

Our conductor is Leon Watts-on.

And this is our anthem:

Our sworn enemies are the Battersea Amps.

We think they’re re-volt-ing. We shall thrash them till it Hertz.

This is our line-up:

Chris Beckett, 202
Midhun Unnikrishnan, 177
Rafael del Valle Domenech, 176
Motiejus Gudenas, 160e
Ryan Benguelo, 160e
Tim Valentine, 126
Leon Watson, 122 (c)
Tim Allen, 113
Joel Morales, 103e
Rayan Balluz, 100e
Chris Rebbeck, 92
Peter Yusuff, 80e